Monday Random: nostalgic

  • I miss what Twinkies tasted like before. I can’t eat them often, but now and then it would be nice to have one taste like it used to
  • I am still going through boxes and downsizing since the move. It was hard to get rid of some things then. Now, a little easier, but sometimes I still sit with a paper in my hand, or a book, or momento and I can’t let it go.
  • I never thought that would happen to me
  • I really don’t like clutter.

  • Today I visited a man in his 80’s who is very sick. He can’t go home anymore.
  • I was apprensive. I don’t know him well. But when we started talking, he lit up.
  • This quiet gray man turned into a storyteller, violinist, guitarist, born-again Christian, collector of rubber ducks
  • I learned so much
  • He is sad to leave his things behind. They mean something. Each one from a memory from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s….
  • His fingers fail him on the guitar, but he still tries.
  • He also learned the harmonica
  • He found a piano in his nursing home and wheels himself to practice and learn it by ear
  • I showed him my mom’s scrapbook from old newspaper clippings of our town.
  • He talked about people he knew from the past and I knew many of them from my childhood
  • This made him smile

Monday is nearly over but I hope yours was good and productive. I am lacking in sleep so I will probably turn in early.


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