Our summer carpet


It was the dads
who wanted to be rid of the dandelions
we sat for hours tying them stem to stem
into necklaces
worthy of Cleopatra
bracelets we imagined bangled
as we held hands and danced
and then she would spin
a whirling dervish in a pink headband
the clovers hiding their four-leafed numbers
for then, we were not intended to succeed
too quickly
the grass rich, and the weeds plentiful
but they looked like blooms
from Nebuchadnezzar’s hanging gardens
to us


16 thoughts on “Our summer carpet

  1. I love your comparing the dandelions to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. I remember making necklaces out of dandelions. I liked blowing the white puffs later. Wonderful poetry.


  2. This. is. BRILLIANT. I love the narrative arc, the adult’s mind with the child’s eyes. I was just writing about dandelions myself for a short story, with my own kids happy to kick and blow the flowers about the yard to sprout new little drops of gold. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    1. Oh well, that’s because I’m just an old kid, you know? It was me that tied them into bracelets. But I loved being outside with my kids and I’m happy you could relate. I always thought about those dandelion seeds as fairies–

      Liked by 1 person

      1. All the more brilliant, as Disney’s movie Tinkerbell actually has a baby’s laugh take hold of a dandelion seed and fly to Neverland to become a fairy. 🙂


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