Monday Random: learning something new

  • Who else didn’t know drinking games were a thing until the show ‘Lost’? The closest I came was flipping quarters into shot glasses. I guess I drank too much in the 80’s to notice there were games. Or maybe they didn’t exist yet
  • Garlic bread is not good date food
  • I am spending a week with my second-born who is 20-something. I can’t help but notice that, like his sister, I didn’t know him as well as I thought
  • I guess that’s because it’s been a year and they don’t tell us everything on the phone. He’s grown–
  • Sometimes it is frustrating to try to make a meaningful connection with our kids at the same time they want to strike out independently. But if we are patient–if we listen–it can be really great too
  • Just not what we were expecting
  • But maybe a little better

  • At some point it became obvious that I will beg him to let me cook for him and pick up his laundry. This is not normal. But he keeps dropping it on the floor, and I keep humming and picking it up and throwing it in the washer happily
  • I know a lot about life by now. But I am learning something new about being 50+
  • That could be because my inner self is still 25
  • I did get smart this trip and not cook huge pots of pasta, waiting instead to see how much he was actually home to eat.
  • It took us months to eat all that I cooked a year ago
  • It is sad really, when I would rather connect at home at the table then run around doing fun summer stuff outside.
  • I guess I really love family life and motherhood and I miss it.
  • We had to downsize recently and I had a box of things for him to take, if he wanted them
  • He said, ‘I think these things mean more to you than they do to me.’
  • My boy who wanted to spend hours going through my cedar chest or hearing about his grandmothers he never knew
  • My guy that has lived in thrift shop clothes for about five years. But that was because thrift got trendy
  • And I get that. This stuff is old, and everywhere he is in his head right now is new. These are souvenirs he’ll want later.
  • He will only glance at my black and white world, while he dances on in technicolor
  • So we will connect with slapping paint on canvas this morning. We found out that we both started the same hobby at the same time, without knowing it
  • Isn’t that cool? Something new for both of us
  • I love being a mom. I am blessed.

Have a great Monday , and be careful, there are monsters out there. I know, they used to hide under the bed, but that was the old days. Now they are all right there in the street, driving cars.


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