Monday Random: patience

  • It seems like the more things improve the faster I want to see the really good stuff come to me. I know that’s not how it works, except in Hallmark Movies
  • I was told the hardest parenting time would be when they were teenagers. The twenties have their own new challenges, like knowing when to butt in and push and when to back off
  • I talked to my friend this week who turns 94 soon. It put needed patience into perspective
  • This is a lady who was very athletic and took good care of herself all her life. She told me the last time she did a cartwheel in the yard was age 80
  • Now she has to use a walker, and I felt like if I breathed too hard she would just float off. She is small now, frail.
  • Her smile looks the same, though
  • I don’t know how long we’ll have knowing one another, and I miss her already
  • Maybe part of what I will miss is very selfish, the part of me that knows I am better for knowing her, for her wisdom in knowing when to be sweet and listen, and when to kick my behind, figuratively speaking
  • I could learn a lot from her
  • On the gratefulness front, a family friend bought a dozen of my keychains this week. She gave me great feedback, both from her and from a few kids she gave them to
  • I am doing a craft show in October. I hope I am ready in time. No matter how it goes, the creative stuff is flowing and it is really gratifying, like when words come together a certain way
  • I wrote this little one this morning. I am not fully sure what it means, but I know what it feels like:

it was bad timing
coffee at night for insomnia
eating crow in the heat of the day
and for breakfast
partaking of roses
thorns and all
the petals
onto the plate

  • Sometimes things can be unexpectedly good, even while bad stuff is still going down, and it can be discouraging and paintful, but then there are these little moments, treasures, that no one said would come, like forgiveness, tenderness, and gentleness
  • It was during one of the sharp, pointed moments that I wrote this:

when the dark comes
I seal all the edges
the doors have double locks
and you must have the password
tell me
how can I trust you

  • I guess that is where the patience comes in, to not give up just because every day doesn’t come up roses.
  • See what I did there?

Have a great Monday, and thanks for coming by and reading. Means the world to me–




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