Sun kissed

On the grass
up in Westchester County
Arlo sang about Alice
and I wanted to put my head
in your lap
but we were friends
and we were with friends
not sure yet if we were a thing

Still watching one another
others in our view but seeing only one another
We were sun-burnt and heart-kissed
And something was born like comfort or love
That I had not felt before
a mutual vibe that transcended
a parade of charlatans
fucking me and feeling nothing

Everything I had learned about love
and loving up to then–false and misleading
so I’d stumbled through the clubs of
1985, nothing wrong and everything offered
back seats and hotel rooms
hot sweaty hands up
a rainbow of silk shirts

Arlo kept singing and I kept forgetting to listen
lost in what was happening
Some kind of new life starting
my skin red and angry
lips red and asking
your hand seeking mine out
in the jeep on the way home


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