Monday Random

  • I am going to have to sacrifice some morning writing time for sewing, or get better light bulbs for seeing in the evening. I have a huge sewing project and I find it very easy to mix up brown and black, and never can tell the difference in the evening between beige and pink. This is a new problem, but solveable
  • Our birdy friend on the deck is still out there chirping for a mate. Here he is:


  • He’s been going at it for about two weeks or more. It is interesting to watch him. He gets all puffed up and huge looking, like a pufferfish. But when he flies to a branch, he’s all little again.
  • I suppose that’s about right, how we put our best foot, or feather, out there when we seek to impress

sparrow 2.jpg

  • Another activity I have taken on is painting. I always had two wishes–to be able to draw and to sing. I still can’t draw very well, but I found that moving paint around on a canvas is very healing and fun. I have no idea what I am doing. I suppose in my mind, I get very quiet and thoughtful, and put my feelings into the colors and shapes and swipes. It feels amazing
  • I’ve been using both new acrylic paints and old paints from my mother and mother-in-law who died in ’96 and ’97. I’ve also been using their brushes, and a rubber spatula.
For Better or For Worse.jpg
For Better or Worse
  • This one is a representation of our marriage. The sunshine and clouds in a blue sky, plus the rain and the roses. The waterfall coming down over the rocks is both good times and bad, loveliness and a lot of tears. There’s some streaks of blood in there as well.

I hope you have a good Monday! Mine’s pretty busy but should be productive and good–

We’ve been singing this for 28 years, but it feels a little different when we consider how much closer we are to 64




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