Monday Random: Journal

Flag reflection

  • Like most days off, I woke up early and he slept late. I coffee’d and breakfast’d and tidied up, watched a few videos on YouTube, and made online backgammon moves
  • The sparrow comes back to the deck and calls out, over and over. Ruffles feathers and grooms himself, calling out again. Flies away and comes back several times
  • He rises and has tea and I am thinking about going back to sleep, but I don’t. He breakfasts on his own while I read
  • We have an unexpected storm, arguing over stupid things. It seems dire, then is settled
  • We are worn from that and decide to watch Star Trek on television. I sew some more
  • The building is quieter than usual. We lost our nearest neighbors and we don’t know why. They were evicted. Really sad.
  • I wander to the kitchen and cook some side dishes. I cooked the roast two days ago
  • I sew until we are ready to eat. A nice pork loin and several sides
  • Ice cream for desert
  • No more arguments
  • We watch a movie, The Russia House with Sean Connery. It was slow getting to it but the music was really beautiful.
  • The sparrow is back, and gone, and back again. He stands in the same spot every time on the railing of the deck, calling and calling. I realize that he is calling for his mate. Or calling to get a mate. There are two nests in the tree below. Perhaps he is renting one of those, if he gets his girl
  • It doesn’t seem right to spend the whole Memorial Day at home. Last year we went to a service
  • We did watch a WWII documentary last night about the bridge of Renagen
  • The moon came up so pretty tonight, looking almost full
  • When it gets dark we’ll go for a walk, take pictures of the moon and howl

I hope you had a good Monday. Take good care of yourself–

photo used by permission


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