you’ve been gone 20 years
but I felt you pass behind me
and touch my back
cold and reaching
while I was washing the dishes

if you are really there
you might help dry


He reminds me Mom is gone.
He laughs when I say
I felt something behind my back
and ask if it was her.


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  1. The stop and stare poem seems to recognize the other-worldly feelings of pauses in the everyday. Your poem is another beautiful example of this. The cold hand touching our back. The presence of absence. And yet the true beauty of this poem is the humour you lace it with.

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    1. I read your story over coffee this morning and I was so taken with it.
      I do believe in the afterlife, God, Heaven, hell and all that, but I was always cynical about ghost stories–
      until this happened to me, three times, the same. A touch to the back that felt reassuring, not scary. Normally I am very easily afraid. But the touch felt like comfort.
      Thank you, Derrick.

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