Out at first

out at first.jpg

When I woke, I asked for nothing
but warm rain showers, and
you at my side–egging me on
no one else makes me laugh
like that. No one–not even Elvis
can make me blush, still
after all that’s come down

And the rain–with icy fingers
rolls down my neck
and into my shirt
tho–it is not as if
I asked for that–my dear one
I keep secret in my head. One
day of bliss is better than years
of this damn blue fit I’m in

Yesterday, hoping for more
making do, with
poignant love songs and two-bit rhymes
my old flame still burning
though sometimes it coughs and chokes
its embers threatening to go out

The game still playing in my head
nearly called–on account
of an itch
begging me to play a new game
with new rules–
something like a friend
being something like a lover

In my head
In my head
In my head


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