Safe at first base


Maybe I ask too much
expecting every word to be golden
you in your jeans
and an old sweater
assuming that you could be
comfortable in my world

I forgot to stay armed
when it came down to doors
I forgot myself
when it came down
to running the bases

What do you want to know?
I’ll tell you anything
if it’s safe
but I’ll promise you nothing
for I am no princess
gowned and blushing

and you are no knight
but you gleam
from somewhere inside
and I find it difficult
to look away

Don’t make me name it
I am tired of the analysis
but if you let me lean
I’ll play a while, if
you promise me–no curves

the horses’ hooves
stamping out the field
let them feed and rest
while we examine
why we keep
moving toward the center

hip to hip
metaphorically speaking


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