Didn’t we die, bit by bit

each night
something new
tossed into the stew
with the carrots and red potatoes
the gravy and its
covering everything

I walked around
the disease
adding up the slights
I heard talk of gangrene
as I searched
for that four-leaf clover
since ten
(holy shit)
that seems foolhardy

Then wasn’t it sweet
following that wretched meal
with cheesecake
and café au lait
each measured step upon rose petals
toward silk bliss
the decay forgotten
for hours

6 thoughts on “Didn’t we die, bit by bit

  1. My lady, I know you write extempore, and suggestions probably mean little, but stanza two seems redundant? The poem would read well without it. You should also listen to “Soup Song” by Robert Wyatt from his album”Ruth is Stranger the Richard” :) x


    1. I do sometimes take out poems and edit them. And suggestions are always welcome.
      Interestingly, I almost had deleted stanza two before posting it, but there is a part of it that is important for the meaning. I think it needs to be trimmed some.


  2. This poem strikes a raw point of my life in these last several years, when children are young and louder (than normal), and life is just surviving and not family. Anything sweet to survive the bitter.
    So thankful life is different now.
    thanks for giving voice to the raw times we overcome, and must remember, lest we fall back into them again.


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