Hot button



Am I mean? Or merely lost
what do you see when you look into my eyes
does my hair snap at you
when you brush past

(and you take me as I am)

I was never a white wine spritzer
kind of girl–you knew that
my outline was drawn
in pencil on newsprint
smudged and smeared

(you never know what you’re gonna get)
(I am sorry)

Does my voice cause a strain
and my eyes flash lighning bolts–
do my shoes clop like horses’ hooves
shall I come in again–as if
we never said hello a thousand times?

(I tug at you like weights)

That dark baggage came with me
through six states
heavier than a five piece set
of Samsonite
(Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania
New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin)
collecting souvenirs like burs

(and you take me as I am)

My own security team on the ready
when terror strikes–
those days when 1971
is thrown into my face
and gentleness is just a fairy tale

(and you take me as I am)


8 thoughts on “Hot button

    1. Thank you. When I was a kid, they said I was ‘too senstivie’. I suppose I found a use for it.

      I hope you are better…I found out that my father is experiencing similar, though not the same circumstances. And he is a big reader, but as I suspected, he is reading all the time no matter what his doctor says

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      1. I sincerely trust your father is well in the eye department soon. It can be an irksome thing. I have the one good eye, the other seems full of what I term ‘black Russian caviar’ floaters spinning around whenever sudden movement about my person kicks in. Even a humble sneeze can trigger the blighters. There is nothing wrong with being sensitive for it is far better that when than its opposite.


      2. I really feel for you. I get one floater and I’m agitated.
        Thank you for your good wishes. He had a small stroke in his eye last year, something we never heard of happening. I directed him to amazon audio books, but seems he neglected to tell me his hearing is also failing some. 80 can be a hard age.
        Be well…great to see you about here

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