Monday, Monday (can’t trust that day)

I don’t typically have bad Mondays. To me Mondays have always been a sort of do-over for me, a fresh start to things that are best left to last week. Today felt like all those Mondays. The good news is I did not die when my husband drove nearly 50 in a 30 in the rain in anger when I made him late. In all fairness, we both set our alarm clocks wrong. He set his for Sunday and I set mine for p.m. But my body always wakes me up anyway. So I really have no excuse as I was up in plenty of time but was still eating my (oh so delicious) poppy seed bagel ten minutes before we had to leave. No I was not dressed yet either. So the anger was justified, but I didn’t want to die for it.

The other good news is that we don’t have bad brakes. In the process of loading himself into the car he shifted the emergency brake with his water bottle so the brake light came on. So our little detour to stop and check the brake fluid was not my fault, a minor point at such a moment, but since we are talking, I thought I’d throw myself on the mercy of the court.

This is where my day started to get better.

I showed up late in tears to walk with my girlfriends, to cancel and go buy a half-dozen doughnuts on the way home. But they had hellish Mondays early as well and were only most eager to be told by me, ‘so now you’ve heard my story, tell me about your morning’. So we walked in the brisk, damp gray late-March breeze through the park, on the path–due to the aforementioned dampness-and they unloaded their troubles. Then we all had a rousing conversation about politics and world history, covering the civil war, the American revolution, and WWII, all without pushing, shoving, or name-calling.

I still thought about a doughnut on the way home, thinking a coffee and one sour cream old fashioned wouldn’t hurt anyone but I stopped at Piggly Wiggly instead and got the stuff on my list plus a rotisserie chicken, which, if you know me, is as good as a dozen doughnuts, and better for me. It was quiet in there so I took yet another walk through the store and got some more exercise, with the added bonus of so many smiley people. Very nice bonus.

On the way home, I still managed to avoid the doughnut shop, which is one of those local shops with the best.doughuts.ever. Truly. But I felt chicken roll-ups with spinach would be healthier after a warm cup of tea with lemon. My lungs always react to the changes in the weather since the last time I had bronchitis. Oh that was the year I was sick from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s day.

Thanks for hanging in there if you are still with me. I appreciate you all, not just for listening to me, but for all the riches of reading to be had in WordPress–so much that I can never read as much as I’d like to.

How is your Monday?


8 thoughts on “Monday, Monday (can’t trust that day)

  1. I understand that “husband anger”. Not pretty, just sit quite. Nothing I say or do will defuse it, only make it worse. It will get better soon. Hope we don’t die in the meantime….Mondays are always busy, my errand day, chore day. Not a real fun day, but the rest of the week goes well when Monday gets done what needs to be done on Monday.


  2. I like to hear about your Monday. Ordinary life has a special appeal. I had a wonderful backwards sort of a Monday when I never finished what I started but had visits with two of my sons that I award gold stars.


  3. I mean really, you just wanted to finish your bagel in your jammies. hehehe. I lean more towards, if somebody, h-u-b-b-y, somebody hadn’t have shifted the brake, you wouldn’t have been late but then again, I am on your side, since I don’t know him :):):):)


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