Forest for the trees

You are not mine–it was a dream
and each time I imagined us
I saw you–solid–under me
(not) considering
I would be (not) yours;

What is to be done? I do not know
you were a dream, and we together
felt bigger than [the sum of] us apart–
I would have given anything
I do not know what to do;

And what of this logjam?
Each tree we cut down
(logs from every bridge we burned)
charred and slamming together–
kind of hard to see the charm
in this river now;

So will you go? I cannot
offer you what she does
my hands are not small
they are strong
they have worked hard–

I hear her words are gold, but
my words are like cymbals
wind chimes on a headache
ineffectual at the least–
I am not a social success;

Once I hugged a tree.
I put it on my resume, and
they were not amused
each road I took that felt right
had a block, and an impasse;

So here you are:
scribbler, to be accurate;

I held babies
until they slept. I sang
Silent Night, Holy Night
until she
let go of my hand;

a mother
singing karaoke.


8 thoughts on “Forest for the trees

  1. Sometimes our dream of meant to be never makes it into reality. A moment, a dream or a love affair we experience on life’s Journey is not meant to last forever if at all. It was a Crossroad between two souls heading in different directions that met and shared a moment for a limited number of nows before you moved forward on the Crooked Path of your life??

    Great piece!!! Bravo! You left lots of seeds of inspiration for me to come back and clean through, with your permission??

    Come and visit it me – you can get a sampling from my post “The Best of 2017”!


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