Monday Random: random thoughts

  • I have a pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution in my purse. I am curious if this is unusual
  • It surprises me how many words are included with wordless Wednesdays posts. I always chuckle some
  • Or when someone writes a lovely brief haiku, and the replies and analysis are two paragraphs long
  • I don’t know man, but for me that kind of takes away the point of the brevity. But I’m no haiku master, or expert at anything really
  • Still makes me giggle
  • I am between a rock and a hard place, if you will allow me that cliché, and God is still here and good and I am so grateful
  • Scary, though
  • Figuring out how to repair my relationship with my daughter had its keys in my own weird relationship with my mother. I know, I know, they told me that would happen. But I always thought I was different. ‘I will never be like my mother.’ ‘I will not marry a man like my father.’
  • Yeah, yeah
  • Freud you were a twisted son of a bitch, but you knew what you were talking about in many things–probably because you’d been there yourself. No one could understand this who has not been through it. Observation only yields so much truth
  • Done with snow now. You?
  • I have lived near Chicago off and on my whole life, so I don’t usually complain about the weather but watching the gardens in the UK come to life so early is making me jelly

Have a good monday–


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