This moment in this place
is easier to point at than to describe.
My soapbox is awkward
teetering over the lights
when you turn them onto only me.

You don’t need to be rich
or part of a club to talk to me–
I’ll listen. But don’t be cruel
and don’t forget
how unscripted we are.

Is this what you expected?
Something nice and cordial
my manners impeccable, and
no one can accuse me of being
insincere. We all try.

Or are you bored and yawning-
I don’t mind–here–
lay your head on my shoulder
and remind me why I am part of
the human race. Warm. Real.

Someone said once, ‘you are too nice’
and I wondered how much cruelty
would make him happy. I ignored him
for a week, and he called and called. He
begged, and I said
I hope you are happy now.


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