Coupling as improv

I always thought I was
clever at ad-libbing
even in the middle of a tornado
ripping the seams of the house
while we slept, never panicking
figuring on getting by
on rations

Thus, when you told me
you would be leaving
I had a new resolve, and
it did not lay me outright
like a lizard, drinking
from a puddle of my fears
and your disappointment

I ask you again, are we
a mystery or a thriller, as
much of what makes us
who we are
is simple to understand
regardless of the storm coming.
Are we not thrilled?

Falling in love
was the easy part
though once inside, the
getting out
took more work
than we could have imagined

My doubts oozing around the windows
your suspicion coating the walls
foolhardy at our best
trying to read the future
in the dishwater
always murky


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