Travel log, day 2



Moonless night
feeling so delicate
sunless day
content with clouds
soul-less carcass
a waste of a heartache
for a one-nighter on holiday

Dappled sacrificial lambs
lined up in twos
they don’t ask directions
every need met
if not the luxuries
what once were martyrs
now enjoy easy Sunday dinners


2 thoughts on “Travel log, day 2

  1. The juxtaposition of moonless, sunless and soul-less, and the progression from moonless to soul-less, combine to a stunning effect, and that is not even dealing with the individual descriptions of the the night without moon, day without sun, and the carcass without soul. You have attained so many effects in just that one piece of beauty. The second stanza veers into another territory —cruel, ironic and sad.

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