Another peace

A man from our church died on Saturday from cancer. It took about two years or a bit more to conquer him. He was a great man. Not because he was John Wayne type rough-and-tumble, or wealthy, but because he had many friends. I wonder how they will fit all those people into the church at the memorial service, as he was so good to people, and well loved by his family.

I was alone today aside from two phone calls. Days like this make me contemplative. I was thinking about his family and his loss, and I realized that he has no pain anymore. He is in the presence of God and has no more pain. This made me smile. It is not as if we don’t still grieve for the empty place, but it brings comfort to know this. It also made me think about my mother.

I have grieved for her in a mawkish way that she would have hated. The truth is, she has no pain and she is content where she is, and it is time to add that truth in with the rest of the truths–the ones that I hold on to, and by which I justify how long I have not let this grief go. Not let her go. I believe, knowing her as well as I did, that she would be happy to know that I can do that now.

peace in letting go?
the water moves endlessly
this branch is solid


2 thoughts on “Another peace

  1. Sorry for your loss! It seems we travel the same path these days. I believe that your mother has been looking over you and your family since her earthly departure. Our loved ones are always in our hearts. The hardest part about losing a parent is that they are longer there to talk to and gain their wisdom and insight. My mother is still alive, but she is couple thousand miles away. If I would just pick up the phone we could talk, but I have living my busy life and thankfully so is she. She is expanding her horizons with classes at the community college and volunteering. She also gets to spend lots of time with the latest grandchild and loves each moment. Knowing she is doing those things makes me happy, even if we don’t talk much she is often in my mind and heart. I know she will always be there.


    1. Thank you, it sounds like you have it really good. I like too hearing about a mom that doesn’t give up on living well. I know my kids wish that for me as time goes on-they’ve expressed it.
      I suppose my biggest regret is not taking advantage of what I had with Mom when I had it. When she died, I was in flux and not really listening…though it was more complicated than that…I know that the me of today could have sat with her and learned so much, but I wasn’t ready. Now she’s in heaven talking off the angels’ ears I suppose.
      Love you my friend-

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