Tantalizing Tuesday: Greta Garbo

garbo gown

I present to you for our Tuesday girl the luminous Greta Garbo. I have watched her in many films, including one in Swedish and a silent picture. But none captivated me as much as her performance in Camille.  It is so compelling that I think it is easy to consider that is the real Greta Garbo up there. She managed to jump into talkies from silent movies, and in English, and still pulled it off with such grace and style.

Here she is with John Gilbert in Flesh and the Devil. I love watching her even without that wonderful voice of hers.

In Inspiration she turns a very young Robert Montgomery into a mess of nerves. She leaves her date behind and leaves the party with him instead. It is the start of an interesting May-September romance.

I won’t give away the ending, as Inspiration is worth the ride.

In Camille, her voice lends itself to much feeling.  This scene shows how Marguerite can run hot and cold, and, from time to time, her insincerity can really hurt a guy.

Despite this evening when they first met, Armand (Robert Taylor) continues to pursue Marguerite, managing to catch her, and find her loving side, for a time. In this next clip, starting at 2:50 she discovers that she really can love a man, and even sheds a few tears for him.

Does their love last forever?  I will not be the one to spoil the ending.  I hope you are as captivated by Greta Garbo as I am still.


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