Yearly doctor visit

I am not apologizing
but I might have
upset the receptionist
announcing my life
(shrouded, kept, protected)
to the waiting room
laying it on her
in my embarrassment
over citizens of my small town
hearing I have no insurance
(wanting to explain, how
it was that they cancelled me
without notice–letting me find out
from a total stranger–after
standing in line at the Wal-Mart
pharmacy–who did not understand
my tears)
as I say, today, chin steady, my
eyes clear–do you have to shout
my phone number to the room–
(her voice coming down)
I did not look to see
if she was sad, angry, or
confused; turning
to make eye contact
with another patient
a man with kind eyes and a soft beard
who smiled at me


7 thoughts on “Yearly doctor visit

  1. When I first started reading Robin Cook back in the 1980s I thought his medical crime fiction verged on the exotic. Not any more, after the scalpels of Insurance have lodged themselves with a finality into my bleeding wallet; I guess it will succumb to the ignominy of not being able to afford an ‘adequate policy’ one of these days, if not the haemorrhage. Why are the receptionists particularly nasty in those places? Will they be the first ones to grow claws and fangs like worker wasps?


    1. I have read Robin Cook in the past also. I think back then I thought he was a bit reactive and that most of that was not going to happen. Now I would believe almost anything.

      The way you describe these receptionists, you could create one as a super-villain perhaps

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