Say you’ll never leave me

Peanut-butter and jelly on toast
and the end to all things
Lana del Rey crooning in a way
I have come to count upon

Eggs boiling–keeping simple
the kitchen taking on a balmy,
sultry, foggy feeling
on the cusp of mid-west winter

Shall we dance? Let us
make the best of it, with our
dead leaves to be raked
our car rusting up from the bottom

My sepia view of the yard
our birthdays looming, suddenly
less of a threat–doing their best
to be more of a promise


Ms. Del Rey

And Sir Paul on topic


15 thoughts on “Say you’ll never leave me

  1. Wonderful poem with perfect accompaniments. When I told a friend I was going to get back in touch with the love of my life after almost forty years, he said “But she’ll be an old lady”. “Well, I’m an old man”, I replied ๐Ÿ™‚ I think you know the rest.


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