They keep telling me it is a virus

I think I have a fever
something in my head blurring my vision
I am dizzy and staggering
walking into the kitchen for another liter of water
the last one
evaporating off me in clouds
the fog filling up the first floor of the house

It might be the flu
keeping me down when I need to keep running
every memory
conjured up and at war with my will
every bite I eat
fighting with my other bodily processes
so I cannot get from A to B

Searching for a miracle cure
I read everything
struggling with temptation
remorse, regret, and reservations
all the trip-ups and cock-ups
that dog my steps
reminding me I have failed

all the pets
that I have ever owned
follow me
in a long, serpentine parade


10 thoughts on “They keep telling me it is a virus

  1. For a while I suspected it to be a universal phenomenon. My wife too has had a similar affliction over the last few years with the onset of winter or it’s passing into spring. But the last lines changed matters. There is much more than pets in the serpentine parade of the ghosts of the past.

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    1. Indeed that is very true. In fact I seem to enjoy the gray days more than the sunny ones. Maybe because I am accustomed to them.

      My husband has what you tell about your wife, that seasonal depression that sets in. I live near Chicago so we get a good long winter that holds on tightly sometimes. But it does make Spring very sweet

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