Monday Random–traveling

sunrise December.jpg

bird mates.jpg

    • I get re-energized by a weekend outside, especially on possibly the last warm days before ice and snow

  • I swore off fast food after wasting cash on bad food on the last journey
  • Hubby directed the driver (myself) to a Hardee’s where his favourite beef sandwich was, and seasoned curly fries
  • Not wanting to be a jerk and not join in I ordered a mushroom swiss burger, perhaps the best burger I’ve had in a year, yummy!
  • outside of my own grilled onion cheddar patty melt
  • I don’t mean to be arrogant–I don’t make the best food–but I prefer fresh at home to eating out
  • Since I had blown my new eating regimen 6 days a week, I followed with a Little Debbies’ honey bun from the truck stop next door
  • so naughty
  • ah well, nothing a couple of near green smoothies and herbal tea with lemon can’t fix
  • rain today which is nice after all the sunshine yesterday at the lake

I hope your Monday is all you hoped it to be, and if not, grit your teeth, and deep breaths, in and out, Tuesday is almost here–


4 thoughts on “Monday Random–traveling

  1. Mushroom burger sounds really good. I could use that too! My monday didn’t start out too good but there’s always something good in every day! 😊


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