Thank you


I woke up joyful that I had slept the night
sans nightmares, sans fear.
I said to myself
that ‘This is the day
that the Lord has made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it’
remembering the salvation of my childhood
the kindness of God in my weariness, and His love
and acceptance during my abandonments, both real
and perceived;

I am grateful for friends that stay, for sunshine that feels like it will never end in the middle of storms;
I am thankful for my children, for their health, and for their patience with me;
I am grateful for my mother, who in hindsight was loving to me all the way through, even when I could only see the failures;

I am thankful for coffee, for chocolate, for paragraphs, and for the Oxford comma;
I am thankful for words that were my friends when I was completely alone, both those in books, and the ones that came to mind that I have put down on paper since I was 9;

I am thankful for paper, ink, pencils, pens, and all the colors of the rainbow, even though I have lived most of my life in black and white.

*only six days late–my Thanksgiving poem

11 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. I don’t car if it was 6 months late, this gave me chills, and teared me up. I am not the kind that just falls to pieces over something I read but this was so, I don’t know what the word I am looking for but it touched me, to my core :):) Thank you because that is a blessed feeling :):)


  2. Beautiful is the first word that comes to the mind. It’s like a weary traveller finding a home. I am grateful too, to all those blessings I have had, whose warmth and grace will linger with me till the final hour.


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