Monday Random–thankful

  • I am glad I did NaNoWriMo this year. I was considering quitting it because I don’t need the impetus to write every day anymore, as I already do that now
  • But I need other things, like interaction. Imput. Inspiratation.
  • There is definitely more there than just a gimmick, or a crutch as some see it
  • But I know it’s not for everyone
  • I got reacquainted with a couple of people from other Nano’s and met a couple of new people I will potentially write with again
  • They have positive attitudes and a spirit of fun that has been very attractive to my grumpy, sometimes pessimistic spirit

  • In the process of conversation about writing and attitudes,  I have come up with new ideas for the arts and craft shows we want to do.
  • I figured out what I am missing in my crafts I am making. Everything in this world is not pretty. I am not always pretty, and my thoughts are often dark. So I need to include the dark with the light and make it more honest
  • Not everything is chicks and ducklings and puppies and kitties
  • I believe there is a market for this. Not just gothic, or punk or sunshine and bunnies, but a combination of the two. Blue and black
  • People are worried, angry, and depressed, and what used to be a safe haven for some, the entertainment world, has merged with politics in, to me, an unsavoury way
  • I love Thanksgiving food
  • I wonder if the Canadians eat what we traditionally eat for Thanksgiving
  • I grew up with those gelatinous, viscous casseroles with a foundation of creamed soups
  • I mostly never make them anymore, but once a year I open a few cans and it is as if I am at my mother’s table
  • This was not always a happy table, but truly the food put love over some of the sins of the fathers
  • I wonder why it took me 50 years to discover that a spoon is more efficient in a mayonaisse jar than a butter knife
  • I don’t want to fight at home, but I am being pushed to put my gloves on lately
  • Both the soft answer and turning the other cheek have not been working
  • Like many at wit’s end, I have resorted to passive/aggressive tactics. I am not proud of this, but all’s fair in love and war
  • I have been playing techno music for hours and I can feel the tension rattling a bit on the edges. As I said earlier, I am not proud. But I am a little smug

Cheers–make it a good Monday, and please, be careful out there


One thought on “Monday Random–thankful

  1. Exactly not everything is happy, happy, joy, joy. Writing should reflect that. yep took me a while to realize that good ole spoon works better ;):) Praying you don’t need the gloves on so much at home. Home is my safe place, no fighting allowed here. I tell any one who wants to play otherwise, “I can’t control what goes on outside the 4 walls of this home, but I can control what’s inside. If you want to argue you have to do it on the other side of the front door :):)


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