it was

just cause for the big cry I had
waterfalls of injustices
(for an hour)
until it was out of my system
and raining red over the day
that which we never talk about

(the elephant in the room)
the cycle of the month that
runs ragged my psyche
(and my mate)
shall we not be ashamed
to speak of anything
that needs be said

shall we not care what others think
if we voted with our conscience
if that is unpopular
(and that is why we are still here)
waving a flag and joyously
telling you all of this

that a lady is still a lady
no matter what is said
(whatever the opinion)
there are dreams and fancies
that must not be ignored
and not until every dream is fulfilled
should we be quiet

13 thoughts on “it was

  1. It was … and is … fabulous evocation of the vulnerability and strength of womanhood.

    “And not until every dream has been fulfilled, shall we be quiet” I support that dream till the universe implodes.


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