Book by its cover


She looks like an average girl
but when she opens her mouth
she’s a roller derby queen
leaning in and elbowing me
complete with helmet and knee pads
crowd screaming–whistle blowing

He looks like a middle-aged man
but when he speaks
he’s a used car salesman
pushy and in-articulate
trying to get me to take an old caddy
for a spin–and feel its worth

My words come fast and furious
in black and white
but I am a rock and-roll-star
like he always wanted me to be
hair flying around my head in a haze
of Janis-Joplin mid-sixties blues


On stage I make love to twenty-five thousand people; and then I go home alone
– Janis Joplin


2 thoughts on “Book by its cover

  1. Wonderful… love this poem!! :) It’s true, we are never just one person, or who others think we are. We have hidden sides… sometimes frightening, other times quite interesting.

    I love the Janis Joplin quote… sadly for so many famous people that is often the way it is. Fame can be a devastatingly lonely place.


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