light ’em up

last winter when the hoarfrost came to visit
when we were celebrating Christmas alone for the first time
without the other birds in the nest, flown to more moderate climes
and oh how the mist rolled in as the temperatures rose and fell, rose and fell, like a cheap whore
not knowing one day to the next which coat to wear
and the monsters that used to dwell under our childrens’ beds
stayed in the light then
cheeky and brazen, breathing on the windows
icing them up until we could not see the yard
chilling the rooms until we knew there was no denying
we would be at war with the forces of darkness
the depressions and over-eating and long listed regrets
taking over the empty space under the Christmas tree
and all our hopes danced on the ceiling, knowing with just a word
they could banish the lot of ’em


7 thoughts on “light ’em up

  1. The most poignant part of the story is what beings well up to fill up the empty nests. You have employed complicated imagery to arrive at the conclusion and have succeeded in capturing the vacuousness, the cheapness, the regrets and the reigning nada.


      1. There are times I have to read your poems twice to grasp the full purport of the imagery and symbolism. This one went like a hot knife through butter. Perhaps we are about to hit that cul-de-sac too.


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