there were the autumn trees the year we were in love, colors brighter than I had imagined under New England skies. And later, when I broke your heart. You broke mine soon after, tearing it apart

one year we missed the fall entirely, sliding from Labor Day straight into Christmas, unprepared for the onslaught–we were there but we were caught

then there was last year–when you opened your heart some and closed a wound. I’ll never forget, and always treasure, hoping you do not close it once more on those days when I am lost without measure

In November, the sun came out and got in my eyes, the joy of a cool morning after stepping from a furnace. Our leftovers from last Thanksgiving finding their way into a perfect day, trees shining, fluttering in a breeze

a month later, the winter wind cut through me like a filet knife–don’t be unkind, we all have weather and some coats are thin. I could see your eyes correcting my grammar (and punctuation)

and this morning, sun climbing through the fog and into a day, like no other that has gone before, but still feels familiar. Leaves. Sky. Hope. Littering. Leaping through hoops once you’ve set them on fire



6 thoughts on “almanac

  1. read this on my phone, so the line breaks were a little messed up, then went back to it, picking up the rhymes…furnace, breeze, familiar, fire.., rhyming can be a good or a bad thing (I think), but when it works…there’s nothing better…well done.


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