I sent my manuscript to members of my family
I wonder if they will read it
I wonder if they have read it
I wonder if they are reading it now
and know who I am for the first time

It was cheeky of me, since
they did not ask me to send it
my siblings (our father) my aunts and uncles
printed on 67 lb multipurpose
copy paper with 92 brightness

I had been sitting and writing
sitting and reading
sitting and thinking too damned much
and it occurred to me, that
my own family should read me


13 thoughts on “Vellum

  1. I have one dear cousin who reads my work (on the blog) far more avidly than it deserves; my parents refuse to read anything of mine that isn’t published, except for the occasional piece I force them to read because it’s dedicated to them. Most of the time I’m at peace with the fact that they are terrified of me on some level, but every so often it does feel like rejection; I endeavor to ignore that feeling. I wish you luck in your publishing quest!


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