There are seals on envelopes with glue
we moisten, and in former days
a wax seal to show a name
full of news, photos, hopes and dreams

I break the coffee’s seal
then bring it up to my face to sniff-
I love how the top of a jar pops
when the suction is broken

The seals playing in the surf
are oblivious to us, and we
draw from creatures some kind of strength
from doing what comes naturally

Do you believe in sealed fate? Do you
think everything will happen by plan-
or was that seal broken the day we were born
left to grow and change and alter it at will


2 thoughts on “Seals

  1. love the seals. my son’s been out swimming a few times and they come pretty close.

    no fate
    no free will
    what’s left?
    a single red thread
    winding among us all
    a knot to untie
    and a thousand ends

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