Tantalizing Tuesday: Lucille Ball

Lucy legs

I’m not funny. What I am is brave.
-Lucille Ball

Maybe, Lucy, maybe, but baby you are damned funny as well. You brightened up many sad moments in my life in which it was difficult to summon a smile, let alone a laugh. But you did it girl, and I thank you.

If Lucy were alive, I would ask if the comedy was part of the plan, or did she just go with her strengths. I saw her in a few earlier films, pre-I Love Lucy and she was talented and glamorous. Gorgeous.

Lucy stage door

I have listened to Lucille Ball many times in interviews, and she was very smart, very in command of her life and her career. Whatever her original plans for her career, I would bet she did exactly what she wanted, and what was smart, with no regrets–

Lucy smoking

–and a real eye-opener whether while dancing or while making us laugh

Thank you, Lucy.


14 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesday: Lucille Ball

  1. I once saw an interview with her and another female comedienne (I can’t remember who). Several of their male counterparts were also interviewed. I found the most interesting thing I took away from that special (it could have been a Barbara Walters)was that the men were funny during the interviews, while Lucy and the other woman (Carol Burnett or Rosanne Barr?) were not. Comedy was business to them, it wasn’t their life or part of their natural persona. With that said, I always enjoyed watching old movies and catching a glimpse of the famous before they were. It’s like peeling back an orange and tasting the sweet treat beneath the rind.

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  2. I really loved the vitamin video – and who knew that side of Ball with the dancing – and how young she was.

    HOw cool that she has inspired you as such and your post really honors her.
    I once had a season of watching “I love Lucy” and while I enjoyed it immensely, I did not like the way they had Lucy paly dumb – act dumb and then the “cute at her belittling expense” theme was not something I enjoyed. I also realized my aunt – almost 80 – pouted like Lucy and I could see where that show made it seem cute and ok to be a little “dumb” or have social shenanigans….


    1. I know what you mean. There are a few episodes I enjoyed less than others. And it was always very cool the rare ep where she showed off her dancing and other talents.

      But I really laugh, have always laughed at the ridiculous and silly. Like Jerry Lewis–always a favourite

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      1. you are right – the humor was based on that silly – and it was much needed for our culture- eh?
        it was nice to see this post to learn more about Lucy…


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