Our passion can survive any bad meal

We were not meant to last
for we were not drawn that way
food spoiling in the refrigerator
papers accumulating on the back porch
while we explore whether silk or cotton
is best in the heat, and how come ex’s
always find us at the grocery store in produce–
Jeremy found me there, recently
and I hated him desperately
but wanted him to find me doing well

not with Hamburger Helper and Pizza Rolls
in my cart, instead of a case
of Benson & Hedges Deluxe Ultra Lights
a decent Merlot, and a couple of t-bone’s
chilling in the child seat–
and I panicked, grabbing the largest cucumber
obscenely, still holding onto it
to cast eyes upon him once more
but he had walked away–
damn, but he looked good

I’m thinking later, whilst
stirring ground beef on the stove top
I cannot help but wonder
what he was hiding under that brand new
London Fog trench coat
perhaps spaghetti sauce stains
on a wife-beater, I imagine
and the thought makes me smile
turning off the stove, and taking
ten steps to cross the room to you


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