Monday Random: sad


  • More violence. I just don’t feel like being clever today
  • I really hate the satire associated with this. It is too soon
  • No, I do not think gun control has any bearing on this. I could cite sources but I don’t think arguing is going to help anyone this morning
  • It feels like we are in a war
  • It is war.
  • In times of war, it was good for the citizens to do their job, keep going, keep their families going, and be good neighbors
  • Being a good neighbor is more important than ever
  • Jesus got that right didn’t He? Sure did. Love your neighbor cannot be disputed as I heard over and over again in Houston and Miami
  • So sad. I will move on with my day. I do feel like the divisiveness of last November is not helping. We are in this together.

Try and have a good monday and be good to someone. I will try to do the same though my first inclination is to stay inside and lock my door. I will try and go with my second inclination. Love you all, thanks for reading–


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