Glad hander

There was something about the day that stood out. Yesterday
wasn’t especially productive. I didn’t even do anything fun
truly, I went the whole day without so much as a cup of coffee

I am sipping a cup now as we speak, this moment of reflection
as we sit here at my table. I wonder if you are hungry. I can’t
help but contemplate if you would tell me–if you were

You asked me, “Where you been?” I said, I have been taking a quilt apart
square by square and putting it back together. You said, “Wouldn’t it have
been easier to put it together the right way the first time–”

I have been hearing such things more than I would like
an unpleasantness of ravens circling until there was a sign of life
I tried to tell you to accept things as they are and just love

Like me for instance, I love you as a cherished friend. Wouldn’t you
rather have a sure thing, sire, than strokers and fluffers–
some glad hander who has no heart?

I wonder, if sincerity is still valued
as a worthwhile, spendable commodity


14 thoughts on “Glad hander

  1. sincereity and its companion authenticity can be / is scaring thing at times for the very fact that throws the real to the surface. there are those who struggle for sincereity, or as I am to quote Herbert Blau ‘the struggle to appear.” But what does appear? that is the scaring part, what we have become in contrast to what we would like to be.

    Nice post. A topic for contemplation for times being what they are.


      1. I hide them as well. With my social anxiety, or anxiety in general (not to mention depression), I can go all fake persona as a means of protecting myself and avoiding a panic attack. That is why I think we need to think of it as the struggle to appear. As in none of will fully appear, we all will struggle. But we should try to appear, be sincere when we can, and be honest with ourselves when we have a reason to through of the facade and persona.


      2. It has been a great help. Sure there are a few times I’m afraid a joke missed it mark and the person was insulted (at least in head), but it has been good to know that i have something worthwhile to say, and that there are people out there who want to be real (sometimes light-hearted, sometimes serious, sometimes both). I’m kind of isolated right now, having just moved into the area, and as you might imagine have a difficult time meeting new people. Throw in my demand for “authenticity”… but now I have found some fellowships – spiritual, meditation, writing that are offering that outlet.

        What WordPress offers in one way is a nice safety net. I can tell myself, if I happen to blow it and offend all the people in my town or they all just think i am some weirdo, i always have my WordPress community. So I can relax and not stress as much.

        What about yourself?

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      3. Before I was on WordPress I kind of dabbled in writing here and there. I joined the little courses they provide (not sure if they still do) and it gave me a few connections with others, not just writers but artists and musicians that was so cool and got me talking again and socializing. I also haven’t stopped writing daily since then. That was September ’14.

        Offline, I have found a few groups to join in, one is a group of other women at my church that study the Bible and pray together. Very warm, lovely women, most of them much older than I.

        I also started going to a writing group a couple of years ago. That made a huge difference, having to be visible, and as you say, ‘authentic’. I could pretend but it hardly would be worth the time. Being myself has been much more rewarding, and allowed me to be open to listening to others and this group is very interesting, every single member so different.

        I’ve really struggled this past summer with getting out more, but I am still here, and I read as much as I write, so I figure it comes full circle and nothing is wasted.

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      4. Sounds like you’ve got the right approach. Sometimes we lean more toward the solitude side of things and other times the more social. Perfect balance is just a notion. This past six months I’ve dealt with the difference between solitude and isolating; sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between the two. :)

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