White silk blouse, and coffee


“I’ve had enough of emotionally distant men,” she said–
tossing her hair. I said, ‘there will be others.’
She does not understand that it is her moths-to-the-flame way
and they surround her

She begs them to first use and then ignore her
begs to feel horrible and over-think her life into oblivion
this girl–my first love, and
the last one I took on as a friend

and now we are nearly silent ourselves
for how angry she makes me, her sounding board.
I suggest a healthy man, a happy man, and she
does not hear me.

Look–here comes another, with his calling card–
(The wife. She does not understand me–
she is always silent).
‘What does that tell you?’ I ask.

And when my girl follows him, and brings him pleasure
she starts to want something back–something real
like birthdays–like home
and he falls in love, before he falls silent.

She says “It took me thirty years to
stop wanting my father’s approval.
Never again”. And I nod
and refill her coffee.


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