Monday Random: compromise

  • I make my husband happy when I don’t talk during the news even if something makes me want to monologue
  • He makes me happy when he watches one of my old movies and doesn’t complain about the sound or the lame sets
  • I go to every Star Trek movie, sometimes on opening night
  • At some point he stopped saying things about my family that were sore spots
  • He went to the church I picked
  • I make pizza ten times more often than I’d ever eat it, and I learned how to make pizza crust like a New Yorker
  • I learned how to make cheesecake like a New Yorker though I could go the rest of my life without eating it
  • He’d rather the mayo not touch the cheese on a sandwich, and I respect that
  • He reads all my manuscripts and gives honest feedback
  • I’ve been going through menopause for ten years. Not done yet.
  • I know, TMI. But I’ll never lie to you.

  • I can tell when I was really difficult the day before, because he doesn’t say much, just walks in the door and hands me a huge Hershey’s bar.
  • The only way this tax reform is going to become a reality is for someone, more than one someone, to compromise
  • We are taught to be un-compromising in our convictions, and we all have a line we won’t cross
  • Still, often the truth is somewhere in the middle, in a balance that is difficult to find
  • Takes a lot of love
  • Takes some strength
  • Someone has to care or nothing will get solved
  • Still talking about marriage here
  • And other things, but
  • Above all
  • We have to be brave

Thanks for reading


5 thoughts on “Monday Random: compromise

  1. * mayo touching the cheese makes it goopy and unappealing :) * “Still, often the truth is somewhere in the middle, in a balance that is difficult to find” – This definitely resonates. Wouldn’t be so frustrating if it were more concrete and easier to find but on the other hand life would not be so interesting without a little bit of hot and cold in life for perspective. * Love this monday post. Honest and reflective. Compromise in life and marriage is so requisite.

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