Summer, 1987

It was a night much like tonight
humid and filled with birds
they were everywhere
singing out like a warning

I drank 5 sloe gin fizzes
then jumped into the pool
in my underwear–he and the drinks
going to my head

I couldn’t swim so I stayed
in the shallow end–forgetting
that I wore only white lace
underneath the water

I loved how he spoke to me
the leonine way his taut muscles
rippled over his shoulders, the
short hairs on the nape of his neck

when we first met he had said
I want to eat your brains out
so that I can read your mind
and I said, is that a euphemism

and when we were ending, he
had the audacity to look surprised
I thought we’d stay together always, but
that night I ripped the Band-Aid off quick


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