I am (from)

Someone said, “Don’t obsess about the past.”

I said, ‘I’ll give you that, if you promise to look at it honestly sometimes’.

It holds the keys to the future.


I am from peanut butter on bread with sugar
and spaghetti, faithfully, every week
I am from peach pies and pot roasts
With potatoes, carrots and gravy and leeks

I am from long days and hard nights
Alone too much and confused about why I am here
I am from disappointed promises
Cruelty where I saw comfort in the masses

I am from heated back seat kisses
Hot summer nights with mysterious men
Hastily made oaths that vanished quickly
Birthdays that passed over like eidolon

I am from babies’ giggles and late night stories
Dreams of success and inventories
Blue skies and flat lands that stretched for days
Winter ices and eternal summers’ haze

I am from apple pie with ice cream
Bruised arms and scarred legs
Long nights we learned about falling in love
Long days we dreamed of them coming again

I am from people that worship our God
Some in a loving way, some rough shod
I am from somewhere it is good to be from
I long for new horizons that I can call ‘home’.

(2015, prompted by George Ella Lyon)


8 thoughts on “I am (from)

    1. Oh dear Mary Lou, I forgot that you were in the Houston area. I’m glad to see you again and it’s been 3 years since I started my blog.
      Are you okay? Did you lose a lot…..there is no good easy way to ask, but just to say that my thoughts and hopes are with you , and my sadness for what you are going through. I’ve never heard you sound anything but optimistic so I know it’s been a huge ordeal….keep in touch.

      On a positive note, I finally set up my sewing machine, and I am getting back to work. I’ll send a picture when I can show finished work–


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