Tantalizing Tuesday: Shelley Winters

Shelly Winters

Drive carefully. Dangerous curves ahead. Shelly Winters was funny, gregarious, big and benevolent. I had never heard her sing before, so I was happy to find this clip.

I first knew who Shelley Winters was watching The Poseidon Adventure. In this clip, she saves Reverend Scott.

I’ve seen the movie twice since, and the first thought regarding her that comes to mind is that she held nothing back. She was completely there, showing her emotions, engaging. Sometimes I watch a performer and I think they did a good job, but I see the actor rather than the character. In every film in which I saw Shelley Winters, she was fully engaged, and that included a variety of roles. You never knew what you were going to get.

She received two Academy Awards, being nominated for four. The first she won was for The Diary of Anne Frank, playing Mrs. Van Daan.


The second Oscar she won was in 1966 for A Patch of Blue, another special, singular film that I could spend a whole post on by itself. Here is a clearly elated, emotional Shelley Winters, accepting her award.

She wrote two autobiographies, one in particular very open about her husbands and lovers in Hollywood. I saw her as transparent, bold,  and unedited. You got what you saw. I loved hearing her speak of creativity, and how a good actor was one that put themselves in the part, instead of just looking pretty on the screen. She managed to do both.

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