Monday random: condiments

  • Summer and I have a love/hate relationship. He caresses my face and neck and chest and makes me sweat and I wipe it off.
  • That is the extent of our lovemaking. Just about the time I am sick of him, he sends rain that soothes my spirit, and roses to delight the eyes.
  • And then there is BBQ.


  • The majority of Americans seem fine with planning every family event around the hottest and buggiest of the summer days.
  • If I had my way, every picnic would be between September and October or early May.
  • But they ply me with grilled burgers and beer and potato salad and I let them. Because, well, it’s BBQ.

  • No food is quite the same, and I don’t own a grill. Still I make a really great barbecued chicken with stove-top and oven.

bbq chicken

  • Being on a budget we don’t see many ribs and briskets around here, but I can do wonders with a nice pork shoulder, a couple pounds of burgers and a pound of hot dogs.
  • I grew up on wieners. I was born on the east coast but spent the majority of my life somewhere around the Great Lakes, where it is fine and good to put ketchup on a hot dog.
  • I spent two years and some change in New York where I was told that was a ‘frankfurter’ and my ketchup, my love, was ridiculed and mocked until he couldn’t show his face for months.
  • Not to dismiss mustard, I love it. Here’s a shout-out to The National Mustard Museum . Great place in Middleton, Wisconsin with every mustard you could imagine, and you can buy from them online.


  • “Frankfurters have mustard–not ketchup! And it’s not ‘pop’, it’s soda’!”

hot dogs.jpg

  • Ah, the cultural differences that people get excited about.
  • I didn’t care. I knew what I liked when it came to condiments, but I was a little culture-shocked when I asked for onions on my frankfurter at a Manhattan pushcart and got some weird cooked onion-y spread. Not bad, just unexpected.
  • In Chicago you get a Vienna dog steamed and covered in whatever you ask for.
  • If you order a ‘Chicago Dog’ you’ll get something like this, with a few variations.

Chicago dog

  • And they don’t shame you for your ketchup, or for not ordering quickly enough. Still, New York. Central Park. I do miss it some. But Chicago, wow! Great city. Except for all the murders.
  • A Chicago dog is nice, if I want a salad with it, but if I am going to cover up my hot dog completely like that, I’d prefer something more like this:

Chili onion.jpg


  • Back to condiments. I have lived with a man for 27 years who eats hot dogs plain and hamburgers with a slice of cheese. That’s all. He’s happy with that, which is cool with me.
  • Here are a few of my favourites:


  • It was nice when my son grew up and would eat anything.
  • When he was old enough, we started cooking together, as I had done with my eldest.
  • I home-schooled them and we would read a book, study it, do the book report, then we’d have a movie day, complete with snacks and an array of dipping sauces.
  • We experimented with mixing our Hellman’s mayonnaise and Hidden Valley Ranch dressing with all kinds of other interesting ingredients.
  • His favourite was a nice mix of mayo, ranch, and Vietnamese hot garlic sauce. Even I like it. Great with onion rings, and a good sandwich spread.

Garlic Sauce.jpg

  • Did I mention sauerkraut? My mother used to make it homemade in a crock every few years. I will  never forget the smell in the house on opening day. Good stuff. Healthy too.
  • Last night I made burgers and cooked up some lovely, glistening caramelized onions. They’d be great on a dog as well.


  • To sum up, if you think a hot dog should have only mustard on it, then that’s what you should have–
  • Because no one should tell you what you can or can’t put on your wiener.



I hope your Monday is great! Take care all you folks down there dealing with the hurricanes. I have family there as well, and I am praying for them as well as your families.










15 thoughts on “Monday random: condiments

  1. This is soooo funny because I mad hot dogs (with homemade saurkraut!) for dinner! It’s been AGES since we’ve had hot dogs for dinner. My husband looked at me – and said Hot dogs for dinner? He was surprised, but actually pleased. LOL! And guess what I put on mine? KETCHUP of course :).
    Served them with a fresh cucumber and tomato salad – on the side – and some pierogies. Health concscious meal not – but a fun easy nostalgic meal for a change. :)


  2. Mustard, if anything, but usually plain. Same with a brat. Sauerkraut is great – for everyone else.
    I had too much of it when I was a kid. When I’m in Western New York, I buy Weber’s Horseradish mustard to bring home.


  3. Love condiments! And hot dogs many ways depending on my mood. Def ketchup, on occasion kc masterpiece bbq sauce for a change, slaw is good on a dog and bread and butter pickles instead of relish, a little more delicate flavor. A chicago dog definitely rocks. Fun whimsical post! Thanks for the smile.


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