I saw it coming

Once upon a time, there was a damsel in a red dress
the young prince jealous of all the dashing penguins
surrounding her, courting the lady with words, fancying themselves
new Byrons, and one in every crowd, a Bukowski in tights
catching her eye

She wasn’t much to look at in the midday sun, but
when the shadows were cast across the folds of her dress
he would turn his head
his eyes soft and lost in daydreams
of what could be done with such a woman

Knowing that the nights, such as they were
could be payment for days of ludicrous loss
they would never see coming, the wars fought without swords
inflicting wounds that would never heal
and festering fathoms of ache

Allowed one indulgence, one glorious night under the moon
wrap’t in her tresses
the rising sun giving away the messes
of what would be their great romance
a lifetime in one night
an ending before they were ever begun.

The end.


4 thoughts on “I saw it coming

  1. I’ve just realized that whatever we do on WP, I will never receive your posts on my reader. Irksome. Still, the old post-it note on the wall served me well and I’ve managed to catch up. I’ve just finished reading the work you have posted over recent days only to remind myself that I hadn’t even hit the ‘like’ button…a thing now rectified. I guess, in terms of WP I must be the reluctant post hunter!


      1. Your posts are always worth seeking out. I think that some poets works would be enjoyed even more if delivered through the letterbox for real. Imagine taking breakfast with a small batch of envelopes containing the works of someone one enjoys reading. That would be a good thing.


      2. I love mail from the post. This made me smile. I didn’t know anyone else still appreciate that. I write my children letters and I think it baffles them why I would, but perhaps later they will enjoy them to look back on.


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