One city has the key to the door of my heart

Chicago river.jpg


Today I wanted to join in with Norm’s Thursday Doors feature for the first time. I enjoy it each week and though the photos from my little camera can’t hold a candle to his, I wanted to share the ones that featured doors.

This is part a of part 1 of a walking tour I am taking through Chicago with my husband. My stamina could be better so we are taking it in pieces, and on this trip we walked a circle from the train station on Canal Street up Madison, a bit of a skirt through Monroe, then to Michigan Avenue. On the way back, we took Washington because he lost his set of photos from our last visit to Daley Plaza when a computer died. Yes, back-up would have been wise. Let’s not reopen that wound.

I took a few pictures and looked for benches to sit or walls to lean so I could scribble a few verses to take home with me–while he took his hundreds of pictures. I just like to be there. But I did get a few photos to share.

St Peter's Catholic Church
St. Peter’s–110 W. Madison

The sunshine was unrelenting, but kind when it came to photographs. I get a kick out of light and shadow. I especially loved this view of the cross above the door when I looked up.

St Peters cross.jpg

After lunch, we continued walking east down Monroe.

ThePrivateBank Theatre, 22 W Monroe St

It was originally The Majestic Theater, primarily a vaudeville house, opened in 1906.

Majestic 2

Not far away at 101 S. State Street was Kay Jewelers, around the corner from the Palmer house with these unexpected, one-of-a-kind doors.

Kay Jeweler.jpg

And a close-up:


Around the corner, we walked into The Palmer House because I wanted to show my husband the marble interior.

Palmer House.jpg

Inside we found this companion Peacock door, an apparent opening to the lobby, which was closed while we were there.

Peacock 2.jpg

I hope you enjoyed a peek at one corner of Chicago. I’ll save some for next week.




7 thoughts on “One city has the key to the door of my heart

  1. I finally get to say: Welcome to #ThursdayDoors! :-D
    Awesome stuff. You’ll see, it really isn’t a photography thing as much as a chance to share little snapshots of where we live or our travels.
    That St. Peter’s entrance is stunning, and the world-famous Peacock doors in the Palmer House are absolute classics. So glad you decided to join us this week. I look forward to seeing what else you found on your walking tour :-)

    Liked by 1 person

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