Monday Random–fare polpette di qualcuno

IV sign
The building peeking out from under the Italian Village sign is the Hyatt Center
  • Sometimes things are worse than they seem
  • Sometimes they are better than they seem because of the person we are with
  • Sometimes–the person we are with is a better person than we give them credit for
  • And at times–they are putting up with us and that is even harder than what they are dishing out. But–often it is in equal measure
  • We needed to have a really good day, to make up for the last two weeks
  • When bad times accumulate, they feel bigger than they really are, and it only takes a laugh sometimes to break that bubble
  • Yesterday while walking through downtown Chicago on a self-designed walking tour, we weren’t stopping when I wanted to. It was hot, though very breezy and nice, and less humid than much of the past week. I was getting grumpy. I needed a seat and water. But many streets west of State Street have closed stores on Sunday. This is something I had forgotten. Even three Starbucks we passed were closed, which is not my favourite, but it is one I figured I could count on to get water at when needed.
  • I was close to starting up with him because we hadn’t stopped and now there would be several blocks before we got to our next destination. I looked down a road and saw an aging Italian restaurant sign. I love adventures like that, to not go to the chain shops and not know until I get there where I will end up. So I did a walking u-turn and he said, “Where are we going?”
  • Even when he isn’t sure, he’ll follow me, especially in the city where I am more comfy than he is. I said, “I know where I am going now.” We walked down a block and into a/c, a dimly lit building where we had to walk up a flight to a charming maître d’ in a tuxedo who welcomed us in.
  • We had a tasty lunch in a dark, cool nook, lovely people, and a break in tension which would have resulted in quarreling. He had a meatball sandwich and I had the sausage. The Capitanini family has been in business there since 1927. Charming.
  • I had three glasses of water and two cups of coffee.
  • We will be back another day for dessert.
  • Affascinante e delizioso

Keep cool, and please have a great week. Thank you for reading–




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