Current events

Attempting a turn right onto the main drag
the street more clogged with cars than normal
due to the flooded out streets–laying low
and they come–and they keep coming

I try to be patient, listening to the radio
a story on NPR about being poor
and their unexpected joy. I
turn on the fan for my face is wet
noon sun through the windshield

A spot opens and a Civic changes lanes
so that I can turn. I mouth a thank you
saying it aloud to only myself
always grateful for sudden kindness

For it feels scarce lately, how about we
yank up some feeling from Christmas-time
because we all feel beaten up by it, you know
what -it- is, the hate that runs deep
and seems to have no bottom

The killing, yes the killing, don’t we all
know what we are talking about, but
the real pain is insidious
words that scald and take years to turn
murderers are made not born

and hate is grown
in a big, wide petri dish


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