Monday Random

  • I could live in t-shirts and tank tops (cotton). Plus, tank tops make almost every body type look attractive
  • I get distracted when I’m watching a movie and the actor is smoking, and clearly not really smoking
  • What’s up with coconut shrimp? I tried that this week. Ugh. Tasted like a Mounds candy bar with fish in it
  • Had some bad picnic food that must have been in the sun too long. I’m always skeptical about pot-luck but even more-so now
  • Isn’t bad plumbing one of the great levelers? Brings down the best
  • I’m not good at fasting. I know periodic fasting is good for me, but I always end up kind of woozy and needing some protein. a couple of eggs do me good. Even a banana helps.
  • I got a real shot in the arm for not giving up on my novel I am laboring over. I read a blog post where a gentleman–Canuck Carl that I have followed since my first blog–ran a 50 mile race. No piece of cake either. But he did not quit. Check him out, and you will be as inspired as I am to never give up on anything worthwhile.




2 thoughts on “Monday Random

  1. Thank you so very much Rose for the shout out. Sincerely you did not get too sick from the picnic food.

    And all the best as you keep working away on your novel. You can do this! :)



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