Monday Random – grumpy edition


  • When you write 28 tweets on the same topic in less than an hour, it seems like you are on the wrong medium
  • Twitter doesn’t work well for rants. Unless you are a haiku master.
  • Rantku, is that a thing?
  • Don’t steal it now, I might use that!
  • If a doughnut or bear claw is acceptable in the morning, then I can dip a chocolate chip cookie in my coffee
  • Don’t judge me
  • You say you want to be friends, but you balk at any real conversation beyond lol and milf
  • That was a subtweet subnote
  • I know, I know, not a real word
  • A little gratefulness is important every day. Thank you for this coffee. It is so good and black

  • Also it is not 95 degrees today
  • Did I tell you about my white cotton fetish?
  • See the trouble is, the socks I can afford are slipping in their sock game. They are thin and don’t stay put
  • Men have quality white t-shirts and women are offered thin, useless replicas of the same
  • I’m going to have to save up for a big shop where the wealthier people go, if these good white thick t-shirts 100% cotton even exist for women. Or I’ll just buy mens Hanes tagless
  • Yes, this really is that important, I am shopping for  a trip
  • A hot, summery trip. White cotton is my purview
  • On the positive side, it’s Monday. And though some do not like Mondays, for me it feels like a do-over, or a fresh start
  • I kind of muffed up last week and can’t get it back
  • Yep, I went to see my friend with a homemade time machine and tried

Have a great Monday and keep cool, because you know, we are that cool. In lieu of my usual Monday tune, I’m sharing a tune I saw in Twitter this morning that is available in SoundCloud. Cheers- turn it up-





5 thoughts on “Monday Random – grumpy edition

  1. Aargh–re-typing my last comment to the best of my memory. Always log in first, kids.

    I think you should register immediately.
    Also, I saw someone online who was so disappointed with women’s T-shirts that she routinely bought men’s shirt and tailored to to fit herself. Sewing machine time?
    MILF? LOL!
    Finally, where are you going on your trip?

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