Mr Knowles and Maria Lanyard

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DSC01324Mr Knowles and Maria Lanyard


Mr Knowles, Head of Policy and Division,

Can’t understand, why people refuse

To follow the format, in a document, to the end.

He watches Maria Lanyard leave the room.

He wishes every employee saw the real.

He doesn’t see Maria Lanyard, just the flesh.

Maria, if you looked carefully,

As she approaches the lift, is more than

One Maria, prismatic Marias ghost the room.

Eating her toasted sandwich in the park,

She wonders whether tired seagulls

Sleep on the wing, or cradle, nearby waves.

Maria is aware her name, Lanyard,

French for noose, a nautical origin,

Sailors used to tie knives and whistles

Round the neck. Maria can’t control

Her mind, the way a document suggests,

She sees more meaning in a typo; resists.


From her bench among the seagulls, Maria

Sees a young man dressed in jeans;

He waits at the traffic…

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