Monday Random: The war on junk food or How I learned to stop worrying and love kale

  • The trick in healing your liver with vegetables seems to be one of two things: Either hide the vegetables under and within other foods you like, or  b. find more veg that you like and embrace those, and leave off the rest.
  • After all it’s not a prison sentence, the idea is to feel good
  • Door b. is best for me because I like almost all veg, but it gets more complicated with Mr. Street. Still, we have found an accord. He has informed me of the following: He doesn’t eat (ever) eggplant or kale, and b. if I am going to hide kale in something, don’t tell him about it
  • Ignorance is bliss?
  • His shirts from last summer fit better. Next day he said, ‘you could probably put more kale in my smoothies’
  • He loves beets, which I can’t even handle a bite of, so we are a perfect match if you go with the opposites attract theory

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. I wanna talk about kale-

  • They lied. It does not taste good on its own, and does not make a good chip
  • If I make kale chips that are palatable, they have more salt than I should be consuming
  • On the other hand, f you like spinach in an Italian dish such as lasagne, you might like kale better. If you boil off the bitterness and chop it well, it makes an excellent Florentine of any pasta dish
  • Lasagne is the proper spelling no matter what WP spellcheck thinks. *adds to the dictionary*. ‘Lasagna’ is only one noodle
  • The best part about cooking with kale in pasta and eggs is that it holds up. It doesn’t get slimy like spinach does, which wilts when you just look at it
  • Leave out the stems unless it’s for hiding in smoothies. For that, I wash, chop, and freeze it in zip-lock and it all whirs up in the food processor with the berries, without leaving a leaf stuck to the blade
  • I will occasionally chop kale fine and add it to a Caesar salad, but it kind of chokes me. I like it cooked better
  • I learned that if you consistently throw greens and other fine things at your liver and don’t overdo the sugar and NSAID’s, you can regrow an entire liver in 3.5 years, according to Dr. Berg
  • Food is meant for fuel but also is a source of joy and community and family at the table, so I am glad to take up the challenge to make good food taste good, so he and I do not give up on trying to add a few years to our lives

Enjoy your Monday, and stay safe out there-


8 thoughts on “Monday Random: The war on junk food or How I learned to stop worrying and love kale

  1. Kale is one of things I have to hide BUT I have found that it hides well in most everything. I’ve even added to spaghetti sauce an no one knew :) I throw it in any soup or sauce that I make if I have it on hand. I grow it in my garden(when I am blessed to have a garden) it is very hearty and survives well no matter what:)


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